The National JACL Credit Union offers members the option of skipping a payment (or getting a loan extension) on a personal loan once every 12 months.

Skipping a payment is sometimes a good option for members when their budget gets a little tight. It is a popular option around the holidays.


  • Gets you some extra cash when you need it most at your current low rate.
  • It can often get you enough cash to get through the holidays without using high interest credit cards or signature loans.
  • Your payment does not increase.


  • Since interest accrues daily, the subsequent payment will pay double the usual interest which increases the term of the loan.
  • This program is not available on Home Loans since they are generally longer term and higher balance and skipping a payment could result in negative amortization. (Trust us…not a good thing).

If you think skipping a payment is right for you, please complete the following form.

Skip-a-Payment Application

Skip-a-Payment Application
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One Skip-Payment is allowed per year on most personal loans. (e.g. Auto Loans, Signature Loans). Skips are not allowed on Home Loans or VISA.
Enter your member number
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Skip a payment on a 2nd Loan - Optional

Skip a payment on a 3rd Loan - Optional

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Skip-a-payment adjustment will be made to your loan upon receipt of your check.
Skip-a-payment adjustment will be made to your loan upon receipt of your check.
E-sign Disclosures - By submitting this form you are electronically submitting an application to skip a payment on your loan. By clicking here you are opting-in to receiving disclosures electronically as a convenience. Of course, you always have the option of applying in person or by mail. You are also advised that you have the legal right to obtain any records regarding your account in paper form. To get your records in paper form, please call us at 801-424-5225 or write to us at NJACL Credit Union, PO Box 526178, Salt Lake City, Utah 84152.