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President’s Message

Times are difficult for everyone during this "Great Recession". The headlines read unemployment could reach above 10%; the housing bubble has burst with record foreclosures as valuations are declining monthly, and the stock market is still well below the levels they were a year and a half ago.

It’s difficult to find the positives in the news, but there are signs that the economy is starting to see some upward movement. However, it doesn’t look like this recovery is going to be quick and easy. Some economists are predicting that we may never get back the gains and so called “easy money” we were used to.

As always, the credit union is here to help our members in any way we can.

"Saving" is the new moniker for many consumers and spending is done very conservatively. National JACL Credit Union has a variety of accounts that can help members save for the future. Our certificates are competitive with any financial institution as well as our money market accounts. Don’t forget we also have an excellent IRA program.

Many of you have been putting off purchasing homes, autos and even household goods, but with great deals out there, now may be the time to start looking. When you get the deal you’ve been looking for we have some excellent rates to save you money on financing.

The future is always uncertain, but preparation and planning is key to ensuring a good outcome. Look to your credit union for help with your savings goals, let us help you cut costs by refinancing high interest rate loans or using our low cost services, and together we will emerge from this economy in a better position.

Dean Hirabayashi