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Fee Schedule

Effective: 09/16/2009

Wire Transfer

Outgoing Wire (Domestic) $10.00 each
Outgoing Wire (International) $30.00 each

Electronic Funds

ACH Return $22.00 per item
Electronic Bill Payer Free

Share Draft/Checking Account

Non-Sufficient Funds $22.00 per item
Overdraft - Overlimit $15.00 per item
Stop Payment $15.00 per item
Share to Share Transfer $2.00 per transfer
Debit Balance Update $5.00
Debit Card Replacement $20.00 each
Debit Card Replacement Priority Delivery $25.00 each
Cleared Draft Copies $5.00 Mail
Cleared Draft Copies $5.00 Fax
Counter Checks (Subsequent to new account) $1.00 per item


Late Fee $22.00
1 Mo. Skip Payment
(2 consecutive max., excluding: overdraft, VISA, HELOC)
$20.00 per month


Classic - Overlimit 15.00 per item
Classic - Late Payment $22.00
Platinum - Overlimit $15.00 per item
Platinum - Late Payment $22.00
Card Replacement $25.00
Card Replacement Rush Fee $25.00
Document Copy (Sales Draft or Statement) $12.00
VISA Gift Card $3.50 per card
Cash Advance Fee (Non-Credit Union card) 1.00% of advance


Account Reconciliation Assistance $15.00 per hour
Account Research $15.00 per hour
Statement Copy $5.00 each
Deposit Item Copy $5.00 per item
Deposit Item Return $22.00 per item
American Express Gift Checks $2.00 each
Pay by Phone $5.00 each
Express Letter Delivery $25.00 per item
Return Mail Fee $3.00 per item
12 Month Inactive Account Fee (w/ less than $50.00) $15.00 per year
Travelers Checks $1.50% of purchase
New Account Close Fee (90 days from open date) $25.00